Other Opportunities

The multi sectoral linkage meetings, which last 30 minutes, are held between national and international actors which share a meeting interest related to their institutional supply or demand.

Participants should schedule a linkage meeting, which constitute an ideal environment to establish alliances, have information on new trends, find international contacts for giving solution to local challenges, address innovative projects and even detect opportunities for the inclusion of local sectors in global value chains.

Within the framework of the V World Forum of Local Economic Development, it is planned to carry out multi sectoral linkage meetings where every actor will go to a table arranged by schedule, to have the meeting of their interest.

Members of the following entities can participate in this activity: business chambers and companies, governments, universities and technology centers, civil society organizations and business incubators.

This activity will have about 40 tables in a special space, generating a capacity of approximately 200 meetings of 30 minutes each, in a working session of 150 minutes.

Previous Registration will be required (available soon).

These solutions will be proposed following the “Presentation of opportunities” (POO) methodology.

The POO consist of short pitch format presentations, between 7 and 10 minutes, with agile methodologies. A speaker -belonging to business entities, technology centers, universities and/or governments- will express offers, demands, opportunities and/or needs to specific audiences interested in the subject.

After the POO, a 5-minute interval for questions will be assigned. Besides, there will be a permanent coffee corner for spontaneous meetings that may arise after the presentations.

The use of an agile methodology plays an important role in the speakers´preparation, which contributes to the elaboration of the contents for the dynamics of the presentations. There will be digital instructions for this purpose.

Members of the following entities can participate in this activity: business entities, universities, technology centers, governments, development banks, international financial institutions and NGOs.

There will be a room with a 500 people capacity, in which each institution will have a space in a fair layout. The aim will be generating links and exchanging thematic, sectoral and/or institutional experiences that allow participants to freely interact with others while they go through the place.

For the allocation of spaces that each institution will occupy, the segmentation used by the Córdoba Entrepreneurship Ecosystem will be taken into account so as to establish at which stage each institution is situated in the entrepreneur’s path. The space inside the room will be divided into 4 parts identified by different colors: Awareness, Gestation, Start-up, Expansion.

Moreover, the institutions have the possibility of applying for telling their Good Practice experience, by filling in a form. Subsequently, the cases presented will be analyzed, in order to select referents and/or good practices that can be useful for being replicated in less developed ecosystems, creating panels that will be shown in the room in which the meetings of entrepreneurship ecosystems were held.

Members of the following entities can participate in this activity: national and international entrepreneurship ecosystems, entrepreneurs’ institutions and organizations, business incubators, business accelerators, technology centers, local governments, among others.