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The Healthy City Movement in Cabo Verde: Presentation of the 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development

The international Healthy City Movement presented the 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development at a summit in Mindelo, Cabo Verde. The Forum was acknowledged as an occasion to advance the debate on Local Economic Development (LED) and as a tool to foster the premise of the Healthy City Movement.

At the presentation, there were interventions from the Minister of Health and Social Security and the Minister of Sport of Cabo Verde, heads of Chambers of Commerce, a World Health Organization (WHO) representative, and Prof. Doutor Constantino Sakelarides from Portugal was the key speaker. The President of the national organizing committee of the 4th World Forum of LED recognized the event’s relevance in the promotion of socio-economic well-being and territorial cohesion.

The Forum will be held from October 17- 20 in the capital city of Praia, Cabo Verde. It aims to bring together participants from all over the world to discuss LED, and it focuses on designing policies and incentive programs that are suitable for investment and services in the urban context.

As part of a continuous dialogue process, it will be a space for local governments to exchange their experiences and learnings on economic and territorial development as strategic approaches for SDGs localization and promotion. With SDG #3 being about health and well-being, connecting the Healthy City Summit with the 2030 Agenda is not only a natural but a necessary action to take. In this sense, the Forum will portray a great opportunity to promote health as one of the components of sustainable and urban development in Cabo Verde and the world.