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Argentina confirms its proposal to lead the debate on the role of territories in the social and inclusive economic model

The debate on what territories can do to achieve social and inclusive economic models focuses on social participation, development of the territory, circular economy, social inclusion, employment and the role of the sectors in new local scenarios. The Mayor and president of the Agency for the Strategic Development of the City (ADEC), Mr. Ramón Mestre, received the news in Seville, within the framework of the International Seminar on Local Economic Development and Development Cooperation held in Seville.

The 5th World Forum will take place in Córdoba in September 2019 and will be organized by the Municipality of Córdoba, ADEC and the Government of the Province of Córdoba, with the support of the National Government.

During the nomination, Mestre, accompanied by Sebastián Parra, vice president of ADEC, and Marcelo Cossar, secretary of Modernization, Communication and Strategic Development of the city, said: “The city of Córdoba, which currently presides MERCOCIUDADES, is having a special time in listening to the cities. The celebration of the World Forum brings a very important potential to this discussion, from which all territorial actors cannot be dispensed.” At the same time, he thanked both the National Government and the Governor for the support expressed to the celebration of the 5th Forum.

In the organization of this event are also involved the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI), the Governments of Cape Verde and the City of Turin, the World Organisation of Regions (ORU-FOGAR), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Cities and Local Governments Network (UCLG), and the International Labor (ILO).